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Oracle IOT :Introduction

IoT Is Transforming a World of Things to a World of Data

What is IoT?

Components like sensors, connectivity, data processing and user interface together form a network that helps enterprises operate in a better and cost efficient manner.

IoT devices integrate with our equipment to collect data in real time and analyze it for decision making.

Sensors / devices


Data Processing

User Interface

Oracle IoT Cloud Applications

Asset Monitoring

Monitor assets, their health, utilization & availability

Production Monitoring

Manufacturing equipment & production line monitoring & prognostics

Fleet Monitoring

Monitor shipments, fleet vehicles, driver behavior and costs

Connected Worker

Enhance worker safety through monitoring of workers and environment

Service Monitoring for Connected Assets

Automate asset monitoring and customer service to enhance customer experience

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Evosys IoT Offerings

Device Manufacturers

Gateway Providers

Gateway Network

IoT Cloud Platform

IoT Cloud Apps & Solutions

Enterprise Apps Provider

IoT Overview


Billion devices by 2018


Zeta bytes of data today


Trillion market by 2020

< 1%

of data in digital universe is analyzed today


of IoT projects fail

Artificial Intelligence - Meaning

It is the intelligence demonstrated by machines when it perceives its environment and takes actions that help achieve a particular goal. In this case, the machines mimic the cognitive functions like learning, reasoning and problem solving.

Below are the features of AI:

  • Reasoning and problem solving
  • Knowledge representation
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence v/s Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

  • The ability for computer programs to mimic human abilities.
  • Very broad field.
  • Much of it isn’t relevant in the enterprise, e.g. software that can compose music

Machine Learning

  • The specific part of AI that focuses on learning, reasoning and decision-making.
  • Especially useful in the enterprise.

Why machine learning in the enterprise?

  • Improved decision-making is valuable everywhere.
  • Enterprise data is very amenable to machine learning.
  • Machine learning is a natural evolution of analytics and data science.
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Optimize your journey to AI from experimentation to production

New! Evosys Reference Architecture for AI Infrastructure simplifies complex operations and reduces your risk.

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Potential of Modern Machine Learning in the Enterprise


Personalize offers based on individual customer requirements


Increase retention and job satisfaction through best match of employee skills


Eliminate waiting with context-aware personalized chatbot interactions


Manage risk with predictive scenario analysis & planning

IT Ops & Security

Automatically detect threats and stay ahead of malicious attacks

Enterprise ML delivers context-driven optimization across systems in real-time

Five Key Considerations for Enterprise ML Solutions

  • Combining internal and external data sets means better decision outcomes, delivered sooner

  • Delivering recommendations at the time of decision making speeds adoption

  • Seeing the big picture delivers better recommendations than isolated decisions

  • Understanding why decisions are made – and avoiding bad decisions – speeds adoption

  • Leveraging in-place investments makes financial and practical sense

Industry Use Cases—Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Conversational AI Platform - Chatbot



























Intelligent Bots

Enhance user experiences with conversational interactions

Pre-Integrated Delivery Across Channels

APIs for integration with Instant Apps and channels, dialog builder, human-handoff framework

Enterprise Ready

Pre-built back end integration framework, connectors, security, scale, continuous bot analytics

Embedded AI for Conversational Dialog

Unified contextual state engine and AI platform, Speech & image recognition, intent detection, multilingual NLP

  • Machine Learning
    Build, Deploy and test ML models
  • Cognitive Services
    Language understanding & Intent Detection
  • Knowledge Services
    Entity modeling, Represent domain knowledge as semantic graph
  • Dialog & Context
    Declarative flow model & Context from Device, Time, Calendar, Photograph, Web
  • Data & Insights
    Event collector

Chat bots integrated with Enterprise Applications

  • Employee Self Services

    Travel Ticket

    Expense Claim

    Employee On-Boarding

  • PO status check

    Inventory Stock Status and Transactions

    Supplier Registrations

  • Receipts Status Check

    Customer Invoice Status Tracker

  • Customer Support - Service Requests

    Product Information and Quote

    Lead and Opportunity Creation

Blockchain Overview

Blockchain is a system that uses cryptography for maintaining distributed ledgers in a way that allows organizations who do not fully trust each other to agree on the updates to the ledger using peer-to-peer protocols rather than a central 3rd party or an offline reconciliation process.

Blockchain is an incorruptible, distributed ledger that enables trusted & transparent business transactions with single source of truth among parties who may not fully trust each other, without overhead of intermediaries

Essentially, Blockchain provides trust as a service at a lower cost

How it works?

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Optimize your journey to AI from experimentation to production

New! Evosys Reference Architecture for AI Infrastructure simplifies complex operations and reduces your risk.

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Characteristics of Blockchain

Tamper-proof data

  • Records written to the blockchain cannot easily be changed or deleted
  • Enhances trust in decentralized single source of truth

Shared & Transparent

  • Distributed ledger enables single shared source of truth distributed across all nodes
  • Enables transparency, reduced delays & cost of 3rd party intermediaries

Consensus Based

  • Updates to distributed ledger are made after consensus among network peers
  • Protects against fraud among participants, and maintains trust in the ledger

Security & Privacy

  • Only those authorized with keys can view the data
  • Blockchain stores auditable historic records that can be encrypted for privacy

Two Types of Blockchain


Members in business network are invited to join network

Examples: manufacturer & its suppliers, cargo shipper and its broker network, etc.

More secure & better governance - parties are known in advance

Better suited for the enterprise


Anyone on Internet may join and have access to the ledger information

Examples: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Less secure & poorer governance - parties not known in advance

Business Benefits of Blockchain

Drive Innovation

  • Enable new business models and revenue streams
  • Transform your business networks by rapidly on-boarding network participants
  • Improve traceability and visibility across your ecosystem

Accelerate Business

  • Rapidly automate multiparty business processes
  • Quickly scale business globally across the value chain
  • Speed up existing business processes through blockchain integrations.

Reduce Cost & Risk

  • Reduce Cost by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, paperwork, and delays
  • Reduce Risk from single point of failure and insider attacks by using hybrid blockchain network
  • Reduce risk from human error and manual processes with consensus based, immutable audit trails

Blockchain Use Case for Trading

Current Approach


  • Easy to defraud
  • Expensive bank fees
  • Difficult to track

Blockchain Approach


  • Secure international trade transactions
  • Eliminate expensive bank fees
  • Leaner, faster processes

Industry Use Cases - Blockchain

Blockchain in FSI

  • Intra-Bank Cross Border Payments/Remittances

  • Correspondent Bank Payments

  • Multi-participant Payment Transactions

  • FX netting across entities of a global bank

  • Mortgage & loan securitization, value updates

  • Real-estate SPV securitization and investment management

  • Cross-Border Loans for handling Buyer’s Credit

  • Bank-to-Customer Trade Transactions

  • Supplier / Vendor Finance

  • Invoice Factoring

  • Full Trade Lifecycle management from Issuance to Presentation and Settlement

  • Audit trail for document exchange/signing

  • Certifications of 3rd party KYC checks

  • Customer’s visibility into bank employees access to sensitive data

  • Transformational lending models incorporating trusted GL feeds from Financials/ERP systems

The Beginning of a Conversational App Era

"Conversational AI-First" will supersede "cloud-first, mobile-first" as the most important, high-level imperative for the next 10 years

Messaging is the killer app


messaging more now than prior 2 years


will increase messaging over next 2 years


increased messaging to businesses

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Optimize your journey to AI from experimentation to production

New! Evosys Reference Architecture for AI Infrastructure simplifies complex operations and reduces your risk.

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Digital Chatbot's: Key Components

Build Multichannel Apps that Draw from Multiple Systems

A unifying platform for web, mobile and digital assistants

  • Full control to support your custom processes and needs that reflect your business
  • Unified cloud to access multiple systems
  • Users benefit with richer apps that deliver greater productivity and efficiency
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