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KU Children Services, Australia
Rapid simple E-Business Suite ERP Transformation in 12 Weeks

London Borough of Lambeth, UK
Comprehensive transformation - ERP, EPM, HCM including Payroll

Complex Transformation of E-Business Suite ERP within a complex shared services environment

Your journey to the Cloud

Evosys Glide is a suite of proven advisory services and transformation accelerators supported by over 200 Evosys consultants with unequalled On-Premise to Oracle Cloud expertise and experience.


Advisory Services

Insights - We study and baseline your current infrastructure, processes, people and associated costs and compare these to modern best practices in order to assess your potential ROI as a result of moving to the Oracle Cloud.

Enhancement Advisory Services - Advice on how to enhance your current implementation to meet the future needs of your business in areas including:

  • Key structures such as COA, HR framework, etc

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Business processes

Introducing Cutting Edge Solutions such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, IoT and process automation


ADOPT to Cloud

Our Proven Methodology for On-Premise to Cloud Transformation

Configuration and Custom Assessment - Automated tools for analyzing and documenting your current configurations and customizations.

Integrator – A suite of over 100 pre-built 3rd party integrations.

Data Migrator - A set of pre-built end to end data migration assets for supporting the Extraction, Transformation & Load requirements of an On-Premise to Cloud migration.

Enhanced methodology for easy migration of custom applications.

Project Tracker - An Evosys/customer shared live monitoring environment providing total visibility of all project activities, timelines and associated statuses.

Learning Cloud - Oracle On-Premise and Cloud terminology mapping and intuitive learning videos to support end user training and associated change management services.

60 satisfied customers who have already successfully transformed from On-Premise to the Oracle Cloud

Partner of Choice for your Journey to the Cloud

  • 870+ Cloud Customers
  • Oracle Cloud Partner of the Year
  • 200+ consultants with unequalled On-Premise to Oracle Cloud expertise
  • Top Ranked Oracle CEI Certified Partner
  • Global presence in 30+ countries
  • Oracle Cloud Premier Partner
  • Trusted partner for 60 On-Premise to Cloud Customers
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